Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Shining... Scenes of Winter at my Home...

One of my favorite movies of all time. The winter scenes are chilling as well as the pure horror of this film. Basically "locked" up in a creepy hotel for the winter, Jack Nicholson's character goes nuts and tries to kill his family. This is from a Stephen King novel of the same name. What a great movie! Scatman Crothers is also in this movie, although his screen time is limited.

This picture of Jack is how we have felt over the past several weeks. It has been bitterly cold ... below zero mostly at night, but it has been well below zero on several mornings during this cold stretch. I've noticed that if you don't really do any winter sports or activities, then you are pretty much stuck in the house. I for one hate winter and can't imagine skiing or snowmobiling or even ice fishing. Why on earth would you want to put yourself in the bitter cold for "fun?" I am not in the majority on this one, because thousands of people in New Hampshire love the winter activities. We get a lot of people from Massachusetts coming up for the skiing as well. At least it's good for the economy!

This picture was from a few weeks ago in the post Dead of Winter. I was supposed to go up on my roof today and shovel off some of the snow. However, this morning I went to get fitted for my glasses with Tina and Molli going with me to help me pick a pair out. That went well and in about a week, I will have my bifocals! Yea!!! Old man glasses! Can't wait really, because wearing "reading" glasses all the time is not a good thing, especially if you try to look at a distance with them. After the glasses thing, we went to the supermarket and got some food. By the time we got home, I didn't feel like going on the roof. I have no choice... I have to do it Sunday! You really don't want a lot of snow sitting on your roof in a trailer... not a good idea.

This picture was taken a few days ago... much more snow. The winter really hasn't been as bad as last year though. We have had several sub-zero days over the past few weeks and it looks like we might get a break from that for a while. However, they are talking about more snow this week. The news just came on and they said we should get 6-12 inches on Wednesday. I'm really looking forward to moving to North Carolina in the next couple of years. Molli is now talking about going to college near Charlotte, NC. Tina and I are looking at several of the small towns around Lake Norman. Obviously, I can't afford a place on the lake, but who knows.
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Anonymous said...

Take me with you guys when you move! After all the snow we've gotten today, I am traumatized by New Hampshire!

frgodbeyjr said...

After another foot or so, I would agree. Enough is enough... but I'm sure we are not done with the crap!