Monday, August 24, 2009

The Horsemen (2008)

I have to admit that I really enjoy end of the world/biblical themed movies. I think it is interesting to see what Hollywood tries to do when they try and make a movie based on certain parts of the Bible. The movie Se7en with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman is one of my favorite serial killer films based on a biblical theme. The seven deadly sins makes for a very good premise for a great thriller. I've listed a few more end of the world movies near the end of this post. I've seen them all and can recommend them for your viewing. Jeff Fahey was in a movie several years ago called Revelation 1999, Movie, PG-13, 98 mins, This was a biblical themed movie about the Rapture and was quite well made. It deals with the Fahey character trying to find the truth after his wife and child are raptured. It is a very interesting movie that was quite good.

Now on to The Horsemen. This movie was very good and the quality of the acting was right on target. Dennis Quaid is a fine actor and I have enjoyed many of his movies. In this movie he plays a cop that is surrounding himself with his work in order to deal with the tragic death of his wife from cancer. He has two sons that are also trying to deal with their mom's death, but really need their dad. The movie is gruesome and bloody and has the appeal of Hellraiser because of the use of large fish hooks throughout. Basically a torture film with a whole lot of emotional drama. Quaid comes to the realization that the murders are a result of the four horsemen mentioned in the book of Revelations. While these horsemen have apocalyptic meaning, the movie really does not in my opinion. It does take the devastation aspect of the horsemen and makes for a very good serial killer movie. Quaid has many emotional issues to deal with, but can't seem to get a grip on them until the end. The movie is very bloody and can make you think of Hostel and Saw , but is not really a full-fledged torture film. There is torture, but that is not the main point of the plot. So in reality, the movie could fall into the horror genre, but is really a serial killer thriller. There are a few twist that make the movie more interesting, but the ending was really not a surprise... was it supposed to be??? I don't know, but I had my suspicions a little over half way through. Still, I enjoyed the movie very much, but the ending left me a little flat. Maybe it was because it wasn't a surprise... I don't know. Overall, it is a very entertaining movie that I can recommend. Check out the trailer below!

Already reeling from the shocking death of his wife, detective Aidan Breslin (Dennis Quaid) is destined for even darker days when he's tasked with investigating a series of grisly serial murders inspired by biblical prophecy. This chilling psychological thriller from director Jonas Ã…kerlund also stars Ziyi Zhang, Clifton Collins Jr., Peter Stormare, Patrick Fugit, Lou Taylor Pucci and Eric Balfour.

R For grisly and disturbing content, some sexual images and language
90 minutes
Jonas Ã…kerlund

Dennis Quaid
Ziyi Zhang
Lou Taylor Pucci
Clifton Collins Jr.
Patrick Fugit
Eric Balfour
Peter Stormare
Chelcie Ross
Liam James
Onalee Ames

A few more apocalyptic/biblical themed movies:
12 Monkeys. Dir. Terry Gilliam. Perf. Bruce Willis, Madeline Stowe, Brad Pitt. Universal, 1995.
Armageddon. Dir. Michael Bay. Perf. Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Billy Bob Thornton. Touchstone, 1997.
Dogma. Dir. Kevin Smith. Perf. Ben Affleck, Matt Damon. Lion's Gate Films, 1999.
Seventh Sign. Dir. Carl Shultz. Perf. Demi Moore, Jurgen Prochnow. 1988.
War of the Worlds. Dir. Byron Haskin. Perf. Gene Barry, Les Tremayne, Ann Robinson. 1953.

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