Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wrong Turn 3 - Left for Dead

The Sy-Fy Channel had both Wrong Turn movies on this week. While I'm not a crazy fan for this series, I do find them entertaining. However, certain generalizations do give me quite the chuckle. First and foremost, I was born Charleston, WV and lived in St. Albans most of my youth. Having said that, I basically lived in a city all my life... granted, they were small towns, but towns non-the-less. West Virginia has been the butt of jokes all my life. Whether it's a hillbilly scenario or as in the case of these movies... incestuous mutants, West Virginians have heard them all. West Virginia is one of the most beautiful states in the USA. The mountains are tall and spectacular and the valleys are rolling, usually with a river or creek in the middle of them. I grew up in the Kanawha Valley which is a far cry from Greenbriar County featured in these movies. Actually, the movies have been filmed in Bulgaria and the first two in Canada. So while the scenes in these movies are eye catching... they are not WV. OK, enough of my ranting...

Wrong Turn 3 has a few things that are different from the first two. First, there are really two "evil" groups tormenting the "good" guys. The mutants and a group of escaped prisoners. I thought this was a really good twist to the storyline. Also, there were fewer mutants than in the previous two movies. Three Fingers has been the only survivor from the first two movies and he is back to feed on anyone that takes a "wrong turn" in his neighborhood. The story was interesting and entertaining, but the acting was weak. Granted, you are not going to get too many quality actors to play in a direct-to-DVD movie, but these were "B" actors for the most part. The leader of the convicts was a Mexican killer who brutalized both his own "partners" as well as the lone surviving cop and a girl that they found in the woods. The women had escaped while watching Three Fingers killing her friend. It's a survival movie for all characters in the movie. Everyone is truly fighting to get out of the woods alive. I went into this movie with low expectations and except for the weak acting (I have seen much worst), it was quite entertaining. All in all, it has been a fairly decent series. with the first movie being the best... so many times, that is the case. However, this is a good gore fest that will entertaining and keep your interest. Check out the trailer below and give this one a shot!

Tom Frederic as Nate Wilson
Janet Montgomery as Alex
Gil Kolirin as Floyd Weathers
Tom McKay as Brandon
Christian Contreras as Willy
Jake Curran as Crawford
Chucky Venice as Walter
Louise Cliffe as Sophie
Tamer Hassan as Chavez
Emma Clifford as Deputy Ally Lane
Bill Moody as Sheriff Carver
Borislav Iliev as Three Finger


College student Alex and her friends go to the woods on a rafting trip. Soon after, her friends are killed by the mutant cannibal, "Three Finger" that survived from the previous film. She is left to fend for herself, but not for long. Meanwhile some dangerous prisoners are being transferred by Nate Wilson, a prison guard, on his last day before leaving to become a lawyer. During transport their transport bus is attacked by Three Finger and the prisoners escape.[2] While being chased through the woods, the prisoners and Nate encounter Alex and an abandoned transport filled with money. The money becomes the prisoners sole motivation for escape and survival. However, One-by-one Three Finger hunts and kills all the prisoners except Brandon with Nate and Alex surviving. At the end, Nate returns to take the money that was left behind, but Brandon kills him and an unknown figure kills Brandon as he collects the money.

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