Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Haunting 1963...

In today's horror world we are bombarded with shock and gore. Every now and again I love to revisit the old classic horror movies and see what true fear was meant to be. The Haunting is a movie that relies on tension and great camera work to deliver a horror film that proves you don't have to see dismembered body parts to be scared. Granted, today's audience is a tough sell for this type of film because over the past 20 to 30 years gore has reigned supreme in the horror genre. However, to fully appreciate where the genre has gone in that time, you need to watch the classics. Hitchcock for one was a great innovator in camera work, silence, and bringing tension to the forefront. This movie does that as well. Along with superior acting, an interesting script, and solid directing, The Haunting is a well made horror film. I watched this movie on Turner Classic Movies the other night and really felt a sense of satisfaction after I turned the TV off. Watching the old films can at times be a "scary" thing. For one thing, things that scared you as a kid don't always have the same effect as an adult. Another problem, sometimes and old movie comes across "campy" or silly to today's viewer. The Haunting works because it draws you in and builds a story with interesting characters that you find yourself wanting to know what's going to happen next. It is no mistake that the writers and directors do this. Censorship in this days would not allow for graphic visuals or "strong" language, so a horror movie back then had to be "smart" to really get to it's audience. I highly recommend watching this movie with the thought, "What is the director trying to do with this work?" Check out the trailer below and give this movie a shot! Liam Neeson did a remake of the movie several years ago and it was very good as well. Watch the classic one first and then check out the remake!

Julie Harris, Ronald Adam, Claire Bloom, Lois Maxwell and Russ Tamblyn star in this 1963 classic horror flick based on The Haunting of Hill House, a novel by Shirley Jackson. Three people are recruited by a paranormal investigator to help uncover the secrets of Hill House, a mansion overwhelmed by spirits of its troubled former residents. As they delve deeper into this home's past, they're further seduced into its sinister web.

Rated G General audiences. All ages admitted.

112 minutes
Robert Wise

Julie Harris
Claire Bloom
Richard Johnson
Russ Tamblyn
Fay Compton
Rosalie Crutchley
Lois Maxwell
Valentine Dyall
Diane Clare
Ronald Adam

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