Thursday, June 4, 2009

Vacancy 2: The First Cut (2008)

I had seen the trailer for this movie several months ago and thought it looked very interesting. I like prequels... I want to know why certain things happened in a movie or how it all got started. This movie really could stand alone and doesn't necessarily deal with the first movie. The thing I liked about the movie most was the conflict between the "killers" that ran the motel. The way they began their journey from selling porn secretly filmed in the motel to the selling of murder and torture. Nothing seems to good smoothly for the criminals early on and more people die than actually had to. There were some growing pains... literally for this bunch. Once the main characters arrive at the motel the pace of the movie moves quickly. Because there are three friends (one sneaks in so he won't have to pay), this complicates the murders plan. The chase scenes where the friends are fleeing for their lives is tension filled. I felt the movie over all was entertaining and did a good job with the story line. It was good, but not great. The filming was often at night and many of the scenes were too dark. I know that adds to the creepiness, but you really need to be able to see fully what is going on. The acting was fine for a bunch of no name actors. Runs a long the same lines as Rest Stop and all the others where some one is running for their lives. Not bad... worth a watch in my book. Check out the trailer below!

After checking into a dingy room at the remote Meadow View Inn, a newly engaged couple (Trevor Wright and Agnes Bruckner) and their mutual best friend (Arjay Smith) begin to suspect they're being watched. Little do they know they're also being hunted -- and their deaths will be caught on camera. Scott G. Anderson reprises his role as the murderous Mr. Smith in this grisly prequel to Nimród Antal's original thriller.

R For strong violence and terror, language and some sexual content.
86 minutes
Eric Bross

Trevor Wright
David Moscow
Agnes Bruckner
Gwendoline Yeo
Beau Billingslea Gwendoline Yeo
Gwendoline Yeo
Arjay Smith
Christopher Allen Nelson
Angel Oquendo
Lola Davidson
Scott G. Anderson

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