Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Killing Gene...

This was a very well made psychological (gory at times) thriller. When a movie really interest me, I tend to watch all the special features on the DVD after the movie. There were several that I watched including the making of the torture scenes and comments from the directer, producers, and writer. I like to do this for the simple reason, I want to know if I took the movie the way they intended me too. I "got it" on this movie. Stellan Skarsgard plays the enigmatic character of Eddie Argo, a veteran police detective who has a few skeletons in his closet that make him difficult to completely figure out. The character is very complex, but yet seems to be so transparent. We think we know him, but do we really? Searching for a serial killer who takes two hostages at time and tortures one until that one succumbs to the pain and kills the other hostage. The reason... revenge. The serial killer is targeting a local gang who brought unbelievable harm to the now serial killer. The point of the killing is to see how much pain a person can endure before they will kill someone they truly love. This leads to all sorts of moral dilemmas. I truly believe I would die before being forced by pain to kill my wife. At least I would think I would be honorable enough to do that. The movie has an interesting story line and quality acting. It has elements of Saw, Hostel, and the like, but I thought it was darker, not only visually, but mentally as well. It made you think while entertaining you. Really good movie and I highly recommend it!

There are a couple of things that I should mention concerning the film... for one it is visually dark throughout. This can make it difficult to see at times. Also there are many twist to it that you may miss if you really don't pay attention. This movie will make you think... there is a moral overtone that cannot be ignored. The question seems to be, "Would you kill the one you love to save yourself from death"? Sorry to say that I could not find a trailer for this movie. however, it is still worth a watch!

Stellan Skarsgård
2006's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (in which he plays the undead pirate Bootstrap Bill).

Well worn by years of gangland brutality, veteran detective Eddie Argo prides himself on playing by the book. However, loyalties wane as he and his new rookie partner, Helen, find themselves entangled in a string of violent and horrific killings that are targeting a notorious local gang, forcing Argo to revisit a case he would rather forget. In the midst of mounting terror, the calculating killer stays focused on the ultimate goal--coerce Argo to pay for his previous mistakes and answer the ultimate question: would you kill the one you love to save yourself from death?

104 minutes
Tom Shankland

Stellan Skarsgård
Melissa George... Played Josh Hartnett's wife in 30 Days Of Night.
Ashley Walters
Paul Kaye
Selma Blair
Peter Ballance
Lauren Hood
Tom Hardy
John Sharian
Sally Hawkins

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