Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jonathan Hale: The First American Vampire...

My fascination with vampires has been since early childhood. Dracula has been the biggest influence in growing my love of the horror genre. Six years ago I started writing a vampire novel... after a lot of blood, sweat, (no tears yet), my book is at the publishers. We are in the pre-production stages and as yet, have no book cover or anything like that. Because of the contract, I am not allowed to print any of the book till it is out in print. But as soon as I can give you all more information, I will. This has been an interesting journey for me with many, MANY learning curves. English Professor, Arthur Deleault of Laconia Tech and St. Anselm's College has been helping every step of the way. I met him when Tina was taking an English class with him over six years ago. I had just had both hips replaced and was out of work for several months. I decided to go to class with her one day and Professor D was so compelling as a teacher that it began an interest in writing. He has taught me so much! I could never repay him for his help and generous gift of knowledge. My vampire will never have the status of Dracula, but I hope and pray that he will find his niche. Jonathan Hale is a traditional vampire with all the power and strength of Dracula as well as his weakness. I feel that my vampire is unique and special in many ways. For one thing, he is the first vampire to come to America in 1630. There are many twist and turns through his journey in Salem where he influences the history that we read about today. I have several books in mind for Jonathan. The second book is written and "completed" in rough draft form. The third book has about three chapters to it. I hope it catches on because I really feel like it is a great story that needs to be told. The second thing is that my vampire interacts with fictional and historical characters. Several major events that are in our history books were influenced by my vampire. It is a very interesting read... if I might be so bold. I have some old posts links about my book that were posted in '08. Give them a look if you like. My book should be ready within six months to a year from now. I hope to have more for you soon!

Dracula... The Greatest Vampire...

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