Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Collector... 2009

When you hear some positive hype about a movie, or that people who wrote another movie you liked wrote this one, you go into it with high hopes. This is the case with The Collector (2009). It has the writers from the last three Saw movies. Love them or hate them, I have enjoyed the Saw series. I thought the last one (Saw VI) was very good. However, I was somewhat disappointed in The Collector. First, let me say, that when you introduce a “new” horror character to the world you want that character to be interesting. The character must have a purpose… NOT just the love of killing, but why the love… that is the question that needs to be answered. At some point near the end of a movie there has to be a moment where everything makes sense… questions are answered, and loose ends are tied up… except in the event of a cliffhanger. There were several plot holes that made no sense… the biggest is how the “Collector” booby-trapped the house in such a short time frame. For all the “Saw-like” tricks in the house, it would have taken days, not several hours. This was like a horror version of Home Alone. At the end of a movie, if you are sitting there talking about all the questions you have as to why something was done, well, the movie was poorly written. What you should be talking about is all the sick, twisted, and bloody scenes that explode in your face throughout this movie. At last, too many questions... This is not to say that the movie was not entertaining, it was a “good” movie. The problem was that it was not a great movie. Check out the trailer and if it grabs you… watch the movie. If you like tension and gory… this movie will satisfy that need.

Cast:Josh Stewart, Michael Reilly Burke, Andrea Roth, Juan Fernandez, Karley Scott Collins, Madeline Zima, Robert Wisdom
Director:Marcus Dunstan

2009 R 88 minutes

Desperate to be free of his financial debt to his ex-wife, Arkin (Josh Stewart) breaks into his employer's house to snag a jewel he knows will buy him independence. Too bad for him, someone else has gotten there first in this Marcus Dunston-helmed horror fest. Now, Arkin just wants to survive the night when he finds the house's residents tied up, the house rigged with deadly traps and a masked madman engaged in a deadly game of cat and mouse

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