Friday, December 26, 2008

They Wait...

After all the Christmas gifts and cheer, I sat down this afternoon and watched this movie. Asian horror (this is an American movie in the Asian horror style) is really an interesting style. More importance is placed on creepiness and fear than all out gore. In many ways, I like it better than just gore for the sake of gore. Creepiness and fear do more to make a movie worthwhile to me than just about anything in the horror genre. I love being scared. I love the tension that a well made "creepy" movie has. If you feel it on your chest and it feels like a weight upon your heart... well, you have a great movie. That's the feel I get from many Asian horror style movies. I don't watch true Asian horror because I don't watch movies that are all subtitles. Subtitles are just too distracting to me. However, the style is quite impressive for fear! The movie They Wait is not really a "great" movie, but it is a really good movie. The story line is not the most original "ghost" story either. However, it has all the elements of a very entertaining horror movie. The ghost in this movie are not exactly like the ones in The Ring or The Grudge, but they are effective. The movie will entertain you and I'm sure it will be one you can recommend to a friend. The description for the movie is below, as well as the trailer. Check it out!

After living in Shanghai for three years, Americans Sarah (Jaime King) and Jason (Terry Chen) return home for a funeral. Soon after their arrival, a mysterious illness strikes their young son, Sam (Regan Oey). In their quest for answers, Sarah and Jason make a shocking discovery. Sam is in the grip of a malevolent spirit that will kill him if it isn't vanquished by the close of the Ghost Month festival -- an event that ends tomorrow at sunrise.

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Phatz said...

sounds very cool my friend. bumped it up in my NF queue. =)


frgodbeyjr said...

Thanks for the comment Matt... hope you enjoy the movie!