Monday, December 1, 2008

The Mothman Prophecies...

This is a pretty good Richard Gere movie. Tina and I saw it a few years ago and found it to be a tense and creepy horror/thriller. The story itself interested me because it happened in West Virginia where I grew up. I was around 8 years old when the Silver Bridge collapsed. I remember it very well. Tragedies like that are not forgotten. 46 people died as a result of the collapse. I knew very little about this movie other that it dealt with a mysterious bird/man creature that always appeared before a tragedy. The movie was set in WV and that's pretty much all I knew. Like I said before, it was a good movie and I recommend it to any one interested in this type of film. I was looking at some history on the Mothman and found some interesting things on Wikipedia that I printed below. I never remember hearing anything about this as a kid, but I found it all fascinating. It really surprises me that they even put a statue of the creature near the where the bridge collapsed in Point Pleasent, WV. That is pictured below. I also have a trailer for the movie at the end of this post. Check it out...

A 12-foot-tall, stainless steel
sculpture of the Mothman
by artist Robert Roach,
located in Point Pleasant.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Mothman is the name given to a creature reported in the Charleston and Point Pleasant areas of West Virginia between November 12, 1966,[1] and December 1967. Most observers describe the Mothman as a winged man-sized creature with large reflective red eyes and large moth-like wings. The creature was sometimes reported as having no head, with its eyes set into its chest. A number of hypotheses have been presented to explain eyewitness accounts, ranging from misidentification and coincidence, to paranormal phenomena and conspiracy theories. The Mothman phenomenon is sometimes associated with a mystery man named "Indrid Cold," although the relationship between the two varies from story to story.

November 26, 1966
On November 26, Mrs. Ruth Foster of Charleston, West Virginia reportedly saw Mothman standing on her front lawn, but the creature was gone by the time her brother-in-law went out to investigate. Further, on the morning of November 27, the creature allegedly pursued a young woman near Mason, West Virginia, and was reported again in St. Albans the same night, by two children.[4]
I was 7 years old at the time this was supposed to have happened. It's weird to me that I have no memory of any of this happening. I lived in St. Albans, WV from the ages of 2 through about 17years of age.

The Mothman Prophecies
(2002) PG-13
Reporter Richard Gere is plunged into a world of impossible terror and unthinkable chaos when fate draws him to a sleepy West Virginia town whose residents are being visited by a great winged shape that sows hideous nightmares and fevered visions. Director Mark Pellington (Arlington Road) crafts a subtle chiller that brings otherworldly terror down to earth.

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Anonymous said...

That movie scares me. Remember I told you Matt was talking about the Mothman years before the movie came out? Creepy!

frgodbeyjr said...

Yep... I do remember that.

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just got blog back up and running. i posted a few pics from Halloween night. check it out when you get some time
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