Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bled... and Notes of Interest...

Just a few random thoughts before delving into the movie Bled. We went to Boston Friday night because Molli (my stepdaughter) had an audition to try and earn a spot to be able to go to New York City for the IMTA (IMTA is a modeling and talent event where major market agents, managers, and casting directors come to find new faces. During competitions, seminars, and workshops, models and actors showcase their potential for industry professionals who can get their career started.) competition. Out of 697 young men and women, they choose 130 and Molli made it! Her mom and I are very proud of her. IMTA stands for the International Modeling and Talent Association. Website is...

As the "Quit Smoking Counter" states, it has been 3 weeks and 3 days since my last cigarette. It hasn't been all that easy, but it hasn't been as hard as I thought it would have been. I'm still wearing the patch (Step 2). I'll give Step 2 another week and then I'm going to Step 3 for two weeks. By then I should be off the nicotine habit.

The trailer for the movie Bled below is an extended version. It is interesting to me because it is basically a vampire movie. The twist I guess is that the "drug" inhaled causes the person to go to another world where this "vampire" lives. The vampire needs the blood of his victims to be able to gain enough strength to come to our world... I would assume that would be a bad thing. The trailer seems very dark and Gothic in appearance and leads me to believe there is a very strong dark evil that awaits the users of this drug. It has a high level of creepiness to it that I like. Whether the movie actually pulls it off or not, we will have to wait and see. It does look interesting to say the least.

This new vampire horror film hits DVD stores on April 7th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

Sarah Farooqui: Sai
Chis Ivan Cevic: Royce
Alex Petrovitch: Eric
Michele Morrow: Kerra
Ivan Moody: Incubus
Jonathan Oldham: Renfield
Damien Bodie: Jono
Dichen Lachman: Aaren
Jennifer Lee Wiggins: Lynn
Kimberly Rowe: Deanna
Monica Huntington: Candace
Warren Draper: Grierson

Artists have always used alternative methods to better receive the muse of creation. From sex, to alcohol, to mind-altering substances such as absinthe... usually, at the downfall of the artist. A similar fate falls upon a group of young friends living in a rundown artists warehouse. Sitting at a nearby coffee shop, Sai (the vivacious up-and-coming painter), Royce (the struggling photographer), Eric (the musician) and Kerra (the unpublished novelist) discuss Sai's new gallery show which they are about to attend. At the gallery, Sai meets a handsome European stranger named Renfield, who shows not only interest in her haunting paintings, but in her as well. He offers her a special gift, one that will free her from the confines of western design and open her to a whole new level of inspiration. The substance is known as 'strigios, a rare and ancient sap that bleeds from a long forgotten tree. Inhaling a small wisp of smoke from the burning sap, Sai descends into a dark mythical world, where she will face a beast hidden in the guise of her darkest desire. This creature will use her blood to gain in strength, and use her lust to cross over from it's world to ours.

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Anonymous said...

sounds interesting from the synopsis... but like any movie you introduce yourself to, you can picture it in a good way, and then you can also see it sucking real bad in more ways than just the plot.

how was it?

frgodbeyjr said...

I haven't seen it yet... just the trailer. I know what you mean though, the trailer does not make the movie. The trailer for "The Last Winter" movie looked awesome, but the movie was lame. So you just never know until you watch the movie!