Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Lodger...

Tina and I watched this the other night and found this movie to be very interesting. Tina liked it a lot more than I did, but I did think it was quite entertaining. As a remake, it is hard to judge this movie compared to the Hitchcock original since I haven't seen the 1927 silent version. I have to say that I'm interested in seeing it now. The remake has a style about it that adds to the tension and creepiness of the film. It makes you think and wonder what is real and what is imaginary. The "landlady" of the lodger is by far the most interesting character and she is also the best actor. The rest of the actors are fine, but not "A" list quality. The whole Jack the Ripper theme is very good. There has always been a fascination about the Ripper for me. I hope one day to do a book that includes the Ripper and his exploits... should be awesome! I have two trailers below... The first id from the '27 version and the other is the remake. Check them both out!

Alfred Molina, Hope Davis,
Simon Baker, Donal Logue,
Roy Werner, Shane West,
Rebecca Pidgeon, Rachael Leigh Cook,
Philip Baker Hall, Kirk Fox,
Daphne Ashbrook

When a serial killer starts knocking off West Hollywood working girls in grisly ways, a mentally unbalanced landlady becomes convinced that one of her tenants is involved in the killings. Meanwhile, a detective who is under suspicion discovers clues to the murders that lead him to several disturbing revelations. David Ondaatje directs this remake of Alfred Hitchcock's 1927 film of the same name. Simon Baker and Hope Davis star.

My Netflix Review...
The Lodger:
We love serial killer movies and this one was pretty entertaining. A lot of the acting was just average and no one other than the "landlady" stands out. A remake from a 1927 movie which I have not seen... but it does make me want too now. The landlady thinks that her lodger may be a serial killer whose murders resemble Jack the Ripper's. The story keeps you interested throughout and never drags. A few twist make it a movie I think is worth a watch. 3 stars. 2/26/09

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