Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ghost Ship (2002)

One of my favorite areas in the horror genre is ghosts. I will have to say that ghosts may very well be my favorite... except for vampires. I like them because they have a certain creepiness to them that the slice and dice gore movies don't have. The movie Ghost Ship has a mixture of "good" ghost and "bad" ghost. Yes, there is some gore in this movie, but it doesn't rely on gore alone. The set up is usually tension and then a "jump" scene... by that, I mean a scene that leads up from a very tense situation and makes you jump and the end of the situation. I love these parts. Ghost stories need to make you feel the tension in order to come across as scary. Tension and fear are the major components to any good ghost story. Without them, you might as well have a "G" rated movie. For years I have loved being scared when watching a movie because of the almost adrenaline rush I get from it. I’ve told my wife many times after watching a really good, scary movie that I felt the movie in my chest. It was almost as if a weight was placed on my chest from the tension and fear I felt. Sadly, it doesn’t happen near enough these days. So many movies forego the tension and fear for the easy fix of gore. Many times, it’s because the story is weak to begin with and they need the gore in it to have any substance. That’s a shame. If you look through a list of any horror movies, you will find so many that are either badly acted or a crappy storyline. I really wish that were not the case. I think that is why Hollywood doesn’t really respect the genre. Well enough of that rant!

Ghost Ship is well acted and has an interesting storyline that keeps you in the movie. Basically, it’s a ship that has been lost at sea for many, many years and ends up “resurfacing.” A salvage crew tries to claim the ship and it’s cargo of gold… that is when the ghosts begin to “play” with the crew’s minds… and bodies. If you haven’t seen this movie, you really should give it a try… I think you will be quite surprised. Check out the trailer below!

R For strong violence, gore, language and sexuality
91 minutes
Steve Beck

Julianna Margulies
Ron Eldard
Desmond Harrington
Isaiah Washington
Gabriel Byrne
Alex Dimitriades
Karl Urban
Emily Browning
Francesca Rettondini

Dispatched to recover a long-lost passenger ship found floating lifeless on the Bering Sea, the crew of the Arctic Warrior salvage tug soon becomes trapped inside the mysterious vessel -- which they quickly realize is far from abandoned. But just who -- or what -- is on board remains to be seen. Gabriel Byrne, Isaiah Washington and Julianna Margulies lead the cast in this high-seas horror film directed by Steve Beck.

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