Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jonathan Hale: The First American Vampire...

The whole reason I started this blog several years ago was because of this book. My love of horror also prompted me to do it as well. I started this book over 6 years ago and it has been a very interesting journey. TFAV...1630 stands for The First American Vampire and 1630 is the year Jonathan came to America. Jonathan is a traditional vampire, not unlike Dracula. It's not that I am against many of the new creations of vampires over the past 20 or 30 years... like "day walkers" for instance. I love Blade and many other vampire movies where the vampires don't fear the cross or sunlight, but I longed for a good traditional vampire that has a good storyline and interesting characters. Jonathan's twist is that he influences our early American history. I have at least 3 more books that will follow this one dealing with Jonathan’s role in certain important issues that are now a major part of our American history. The second book is complete in a rough draft form and I have been working on it to get it ready to publish. I truly believe that Jonathan is unique in the vampire genre. Not to say that there are not vampire books out there, that may have similarities, but as a whole, it is unique. I have a link below where you can purchase my book. In addition, there is a direct link on the right side column of this blog where you can click on and purchase my book. I’m very pleased with the book and I’m sure you will too… check out the link and see if it is something, you might be interested in!

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