Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dread 2010...

I have always enjoyed the anticipation of The After Dark Horrorfest release. I have seen so many of them and for the most part, many have been very good. The problem has been that several are nothing more than "B" horror. Autopsy, The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations, From Within, Borderland, The Deaths of Ian Stone, The Abandoned, The Gravedancers, Unrest, and Wicked Little Things, have been some of my favorites over the years. It's a viable series and worth taking note of... whether several are somewhat lame or not. Clive Barker is godlike to me in the horror genre. Hellraiser has my favorite horror charater in Pinhead. I have seen all 8 of the Hellraiser movies and the first 3 were the best. The other 5 were "OK", but not up to the standard of Clive Barker. Pinhead pulls all these movies together, but they should have given him more screen time.

The Books of Blood, by Clive Barker are interesting and highly entertaining. Midnight Meat Train was awesome! After seeing the trailer and reading the synopsis, I am very eager to see this film. Dread is based on our fears and that concept is exciting. Check out the trailer and look for this movie this month!


Dread, the second in the Book of Blood franchise is a stylish horror/thriller about three college students working on a documentary for school focusing on what others dread in life.

Red-hot young star Jackson Rathbone, fresh from the smash film TWILIGHT SAGA and the upcoming THE LAST AIRBENDER, stars in the stylish horror/thriller DREAD. Stephen (RATHBONE) and Cheryl (Laura Donnelly, INSATIABLE) are college students making a documentary about what people dread in life. But they have no idea that their partner Quaid (Shaun Evans, BOY A, TELSTAR), witnessed his parents being murdered by an axe-wielding lunatic and wants to make others experience his own personal horror. The three set out to document people revealing their life’s most terrifying moments. But Quaid quickly grows bored with mere interviews and decides to take the study to a much more visceral level, causing all three to become vulnerable as they reveal their fears in front of the camera. Just as Stephen and Cheryl realize they have partnered with a madman, they also find themselves subjects of the hideous experiment they brought to life… learning more about fear and dread than any human mind can stand. Clive Barker, the Godfather of modern horror/fantasy and the creator of the Hellraiser and Candyman Series, produced DREAD. His protégé Anthony DiBlasi, co-producer of the upcoming HELLRAISER and executive producer on BOOK OF BLOOD and MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN, masterfully directs DREAD, the second film in the terrifying BOOK OF BLOOD franchise, with mind-blowing special effects from Artem (TROY, TOMB RAIDER 2). For millions of horror fans worldwide, there will be no greater dread than missing this landmark of terror.

Jackson Rathbone, Shaun Evans, Laura Donnelly, Hanne Steen

Anthony DiBlasi

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