Monday, March 2, 2009

Salem Witch Trials 1692...

Yesterday a blog I follow Dark Destinations did a post on the beginnings of the Salem Witch Trials. I read the post and thought it was very well done and an interesting twist about the irony of the city of Salem. I have never been to Salem, but I really want to go there and see everything surrounding the Witch Trials. Tina and I are really thinking about going to Salem next Halloween. This past Halloween we went to Nightmare New England (URL is below) with several friends. It was a blast as you can read in my 11/2/08 post. This year we have talked about going to several haunted houses with several of our friends and I'm hoping we can go to Salem, Ma on Halloween. It is supposed to be crazy there then and I really want to see the Witch Trials museum. About 5 years ago I began a serious study on the Witch Trials because I began to write my vampire book. Without divulging too much, the Witch Trials play a major role in the second book that is nearly complete in a rough draft form. My first book is done and I've signed a contract with an agency to help me get my book published. Hopefully, I will see this happen this year. It has been a long 5 year journey for me, but I have loved each and every step. At times, it has been difficult, but it has been a great learning experience. I know I have a very vivid imagination, but I've learned that there is a lot more to writing a book than just an interesting story.
You should check out Tom's blog and read the story concerning the Witch Trials. Yesterday, 3/1/1692 began with the interrogation of Sarah Osborne, Sarah Good and the slave Tituba, by Judge Hawthorne and Judge Corwin. It's a fascinating piece of history and for whatever reason or reasons the fiasco began, Salem has found a way to embrace this tragedy and not hide from it. Tom does a good job of sharing this history... check it out!

My 11/2/08 post deals with our trip to a great haunted house theme park. Great place for some really cool scares and it is well worth the money to spend several hours of fun haunts. Check out the website and if you are in New Hampshire next Halloween, then check it out!

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