Friday, May 15, 2009

Against the Dark (2008)

Seagal's venture into the horror genre is little more than a little better than average zombie movie. While these creatures "drink" blood, they also ravage their victims bodies like zombies. The story is somewhat interesting and the acting is well above the "B" status, but Seagal has about as much more screen time as an extended cameo. The movie tries very hard to be an action packed/gorefest, but it falls a little short in several areas. For one thing, Seagal is NOT the main character. Unlike most of his other movies, where there is some environmental issue or "sinister" corporation, in Against The Dark, we have crazy zombies. Love him or hate him, Steven Seagal has had some very entertaining action films. Under Siege (1992) R, Out for Justice (1991) R, Marked for Death (1990) R,The Glimmer Man (1996) R, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995) R, On Deadly Ground (1994) R, and Fire Down Below (1997). Mostly, these are his early work. I like Seagal because his movies have action, heart, and are for the most part very entertaining. Definitely, not his acting ability. I have him in that category one notch above Chuck Norris... same type of movies. So... as far as horror movies go, this one was just average for me. I appreciate he wanted to branch out, but he needs to stay within his action genre. So check out the trailer below and see if this movie interests you!

After the face of the planet is overrun by bloodthirsty vampires, special ops squad leader Commander Tao (Steven Seagal) must extinguish the menacing bloodsuckers and save the future of the human race. But for those who have survived and taken refuge in an abandoned hospital, hope is running out -- as well as supplies and food. Jeff Chase, Emma Catherwood and Skye Bennett co-star in this action thriller.

Steven Seagal
Born in Lansing, Mich., on April 10, 1951, action star Steven Seagal moved to California with his family at age 5. He developed his interest in martial arts a few years later and began studying Aikido at a Japanese dojo near his home.
At age 19, Seagal left for Japan to study Buddhism and Aikido. When he returned to the U.S. in 1982, he opened martial arts schools and trained many Hollywood elite, including Michael Ovitz, who got Seagal a role in his first film, Above the Law (1988). This success was followed by a series of vigilante/renegade cop roles in Hard to Kill, Marked for Death and Out for Justice.

It was his role as Navy cook Casey Ryback in Under Siege (1992) that got him his first critical acclaim. Since then, Seagal has tried his hand in key supporting roles (Executive Decision), comedies (The Glimmer Man) and environmental awareness efforts (Fire Down Below).

R For bloody violence/gore, some language and brief nudity
94 minutes
Richard Crudo

Steven Seagal
Linden Ashby
Skye Bennett
Jeff Chase
Tanoai Reed
Emma Catherwood
Jenna Harrison
Emma Catherwood
Daniel Percival
Danny Midwinter
Joel Shock

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