Monday, May 18, 2009

Eden Lake (2008)

I have been waiting to watch this movie for quite some time. I had read a lot about it on and had seen the trailer and many pictures from the gallery. There is some apprehension when you have so much anticipation before viewing a movie. Some times you build it up to the point that the movie could never live up to your hopes. However, this movie did not disappoint at all. It is one of the most twisted/sick movies I have seen in a while. The difference between being "sick/twisted" bad and "sick/twisted" good is the story and the acting. This movie had a ton of tension and the scenery around the lake was spectacular. The movie begins with a loving couple going to a lake for a romantic weekend. While lounging on the lake beach, a group of loud and obnoxious teens come to the shoreline a few hundred feet from the couple. With their music blaring and arrogant attitude, trouble begins between the teens and the couple. That is just the beginning. What happens next is like a snow ball rolling down a mountain and getting bigger and picking up steam till it hits the bottom. This is a very well made movie and the entertainment value is quite high. The ending is a surprise and a little difficult to take, but it fits the the rest of the story. This movie is well worth a watch. Check out the trailer below and run to the video store to get this one!

R For strong brutal violence, pervasive language, some nudity and brief drug use
91 minutes
James Watkins

Kelly Reilly
Michael Fassbender
Finn Atkins
James Burrows
James Gandhi
Thomas Gill
Thomas Gilleran
Jack O'Connell
Thomas Turgoose
Bronson Webb

Jenny (Kelly Reilly) and Steve (Michael Fassbender) are in love and about to get engaged during a calm lake getaway -- but they'll first have to survive a pillaging and murderous gang of kids, led by the psychotic Brett (Jack O'Connell), who suddenly arrives on their front lawn. When Steve tries to quell the violence, matters turn from scary to gruesomely deadly. James Gandhi, Bronson Webb, Thomas Gill and Thomas Turgoose co-star.

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