Sunday, May 10, 2009

Boogeyman 3...

We've seen all three Boogeyman movies now, and I can't say I'm all that impressed. The first movie was very good, but the last two have been average at best. I guess the real problem is that the whole concept of the "Boogeyman" is silly and campy to me. A lot like Pumpkinhead and the like where the "evil" character just doesn't scare me or thrill me as a horror character. Just the name alone... "Boogeyman", is enough to make me think "camp." OK, enough of that... the movie is just your typical teenish slasher movie. Albeit, these are collage students, it still has that teen slasher feel. Another issue I have is the film tries to be to smart. You have a college student who is a psychology major and an "advice" radio announcer for the college radio station. Along with her college professor, they do a talk radio show for the college students. In my mind this feels like a film that is screaming to be taken seriously in spite of itself. The character of the Boogeyman is inconsistent in his "terror." At times all you have to do is shut the closet door and you will be safe. Other times, he will pull you under the bed or move effortlessly through a room. I guess my just not a fan of the character. So all in all this is just an average horror movie. So check out the trailer below and see if this movie interest you.

Although her best friend supposedly committed suicide, college student Sarah Morris (Erin Cahill) knows the girl's wounds weren't self-inflicted. But her insistence that the Boogeyman was to blame only prompts her roommates to think she's losing her mind. Now, Sarah's splitting her time between trying to convince her campus friends that their lives are in serious danger -- and trying to save her own.

Gary Jones

W.B. Alexander
Erin Cahill
Elyes Gabel
Chuck Hittinger
Kate Maberly
George Maguire
Mimi Michaels
Matt Rippy
Nikki Sanderson
Matt Rippy

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