Friday, February 18, 2011

Chain Letter (2010)

I'm back!!! It has been so long since my last blog post. I've missed it and I hope to get back in the swing of things! Tina and I watched this movie a few days ago and I will tell you up front that it is not a Golden Globe nominee. However, it is one of the goriest movies we have seen in some time. The concept is pretty simple... receive a chain letter text/email and forward it to five of your friends. If you don't, you die. It will remind you somewhat of the Saw series in that the "victims" are chained up and killed in various vicious ways. There are some downsides to the movie. For one, the killer is a generic individual who is really not developed at all. We have no idea who he is or why he is doing these horrific crimes. We can assume that he hates technology because there are many references to the "evils" of technology. Despite these annoying political views, the movie moves well and has adequate actors. The story does keep your interest because you are anticipating how the next person will die... and die they do. A lot of the Netflix reviews are very negative... not really sure why most of these people were so harsh. I'm not sure what they were expecting. Tina and I were pleasantly surprised by this movie. Yes, there were some holes in the story and it could have been written much better, but for a violent, serial killer movie it was very entertaining. If you really enjoy a good serial killer movie, this one will fit the bill!

2010 UR 89 minutes

When a group of tech-savvy high school pals receives an electronic chain letter that demands they each forward the message or face consequences, they laugh it off as an online prank and delete the posts. But when the deranged sender of the message starts hunting them down one by one, they find themselves in a fight for their lives. This tense horror film from director Deon Taylor stars Nikki Reed and Keith David.

Cast: Nikki Reed, Keith David, Betsy Russell, Brad Dourif, Ling Bai, Brian Tee, Noah Segan, Clifton Powell, Matt Cohen, Cherilyn Wilson
Director: Deon Taylor
Genres: Horror, Slashers and Serial Killers, Teen Screams, Blu-ray
This movie is: Violent

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