Monday, February 21, 2011

My Favorite Horror Characters...

Re-posting this... Few characters in the horror genre have been as evil as Pinhead. The whole concept of his character makes him the total package. Enjoy and comment if you like!

I have to say without hesitation that Pinhead is the greatest horror character ever created. He is the embodiment of what Hell must be like. Thriving off the fear and pain that he creates, Pinhead stands alone as pure evil, with a touch of sarcasm that punctuates what little regard he has for human life. Clive Barker's creation of Pinhead set in motion some of the most unique and evil creatures in the horror genre. Pinhead was their leader... he was the king of pain! I have seen all 8 Hellraiser movies. Only the first 2 or 3 were quality movies, the rest have been attempts to make money off the Hellraiser name. Granted, they weren't terrible movies, but they all could have been much better if Clive Barker had been directing them. Either way, I watch because of my love of horror and my respect for the character of Pinhead. My only complaint about any of the Hellraiser movies is that Pinhead doesn't have enough screen time in any of them. This is one of my favorite scenes from any of the Hellraiser movies... to me, it shows the total disrespect that Pinhead has for God and anything defined as "Holy". This is a great clip and you really ought to check it out!

Another one of my favorites is The Wishmaster. The Wes Craven film was one that really grabbed my attention with the whole concept of granting wishes in trade for your soul. The Djinn were evil and the wishes they granted were never intended to hake the person receiving them happy. Definitely a be careful what you wish for scenario. Andrew Divoff played the evil Djinn perfectly. It should be obvious by now that I love my horror characters to be somewhat sarcastic, and Divoff's character was. The Djinn needed souls in order to bring his realm to this world to destroy and conquer it. The movie has all the elements in it that make horror a great genre... fear, greed, death, gore, tension, and good verses evil. This is an interesting look at the greed that makes us want something for nothing. Ask for a million dollars and the Djinn will comply... but at what cost? The first two were good, but 3 and 4 didn't have Divoff as the Djinn and were so inferior to the first two. I love these two horror characters, Pinhead and the Wishmaster. I find them to be so much more interesting than a Michael Myers or Jason for that matter... check out the trailer below!

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