Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stag Night (2008)

I really had high hopes for this movie. The trailer was very interesting. I almost thought it was going to be something like Midnight Meat Train. However, it was NOT Midnight Meat Train. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't all bad... it just wasn't as good as I had hoped it would be. There were two major problems with this movie. For one, it was way too dark. I realize it is filmed underground in a subway, but it was almost to dark to see at times. Second, during all the kill/fight scenes, they used the shaky camera technique. This made it very difficult to see what was really happening. The scenes were brutal, but you could really tell what was going on. The acting and the storyline were fine, but the photography direction sucked. I wanted to like this movie... I didn't hate it, but I really wanted to like it. Both Tina and I were very disappointed how dark it was. We really don't care for those type of movies, but they can be well done. The Descent and The Cave were dark type movies, but you could see and understand what was going on. I recommend both those movies. I'm not totally down on Stag Night, it had some good moments. There was an ample amount of tension and the story was interesting. However, if you can't see it well enough to know what is going on, then it really isn't all that great of a movie.

2009 R 83 minutes

Next time they'll take a taxi: This is the lesson learned by a group of New Yorkers who, fresh on the heels of a bachelor party, hop on the subway so that they can continue to celebrate in this thriller written and directed by Peter A. Dowling. The night quickly goes south, however, when the gang witnesses the murder of a transit cop in an abandoned subway station. Now, they must traverse the underground tunnels on foot to escape the killers.

Cast: Scott Adkins, Kip Pardue, Vinessa Shaw, Breckin Meyer, Karl Geary, Suzanna Urszuly, Luca Bercovici, Nikolai Sotirov, Sarah Barrand, Rachel Oliva
Director: Peter A. Dowling
Genres: Horror, Slashers and Serial Killers, Crime Thrillers, Suspense, Lionsgate Home Entertainment
This movie is: Violent, Suspenseful

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