Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Quarantine 2008...

This movie starts off a little slow, but once they get to the apartment building, it really picks up speed. Elise got this movie from Netflix before I did... I still had "Long Wait" on it and didn't want to wait to see it. So Elise brought it over Sunday night and Elise, Tina and I watched a very well made horror/thriller. This is one of the shaky film movies like Blair Witch and Cloverfield, so if you get dizzy watching this type of film you will not want to see it. I do have some problems watching these type of movies, but I was able to watch it without too much of a problem. This is NOT a zombie as it seemed to appear to be on the trailer. I hate most zombie movies and was thrilled that the "problem" in this movie is more diseased related. There is a very solid storyline to this film and it was developed very well on screen. I liked the writing and direction the movie took. The beginning introduces us to several firemen and a female reporter who is spending the night with the fire department to cover all their calls. This part of the movie was a little too long in developing and could have been shorter. However, once they reach the apartment building, all hell breaks loose and you have a very fast paced thriller with a ton of tension. The characters with the "disease" are creepy and have a hunger for human flesh. Visually dark and at times completely dark. This is a very good movie that I highly recommend. Check out the trailer and see this film.

While on assignment, an L.A. news reporter (Jennifer Carpenter) and her cameraman (Steve Harris) find themselves trapped in a quarantined apartment complex along with a vicious unknown killer. With all forms of communications cut, the news crew keeps the cameras rolling as they search for a way out. The building is locked down, a killer is on the loose, and panic sets in as those trapped inside make a desperate attempt to escape with their lives.

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