Sunday, March 15, 2009

TFAV Update...

Count Dracula... Bela Lugosi...
Two of my very favorite vampires of all time. Both are unique characters and both are original in their roles in TV and movie history. Count Dracula and Barnabas Collins are classic vampires in every way. Breaking new ground in their respective eras. I can only hope that my vampire will be spoken of as highly in years to come. As I have stated before, my book is complete and I have signed a 6 month contract with an agent and only time will tell if my dream comes true. I had a critique of my book done by an outside company and it was very positive. I have some technical issues to deal with as well as some verbiage issues to fix. I'm on vacation the week of March 22 and plan to get my book up to speed so that it will be ready to present to publishers.

Five years ago, I began this journey and really never thought I would finally be where I am with it. I'm excited and somewhat scared at the same time. To have someone else in control of my book and destiny is very unnerving. However, I don't have a choice because I don't know anything about getting a book published. Professor D., said I should get an agent and let them deal with the publishers and that would be my best option. So that is what I did. I'm so thankful that Professor D., has been right with me from the beginning. He took an interest in my idea for the book and has helped me for the past five years. He is a very generous and thoughtful person, who I have the utmost respect for. I want him to help me with all the books I've got in my head... I want him to be a part of my vampires life. The second book is completed in a rough draft form and the third book has a few chapters to it. So maybe someday I will see them all in print!

Barnabas Collins...

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