Monday, April 6, 2009

The Brøken (2008)

Movies that try to be too "smart" really annoy me. This movie had so much promise. It actually kept your interest and all the way through you thought your questions would be answered at the end... did not happen! It's one thing for a movie to leave you guessing a little at the end because there may be a sequel, but this one left you wondering what EVERYTHING was about. The concept is interesting... a woman sees someone riding in a vehicle similar to hers and the woman looks just like her. Strange events begin to happen after that to make the woman question everything. She's in a very bad car accident and can't remember much about it except for a few short nightmares she has. This is where the movie has many bazaar events that are very creepy. Without giving too much information, she thinks her boyfriend is NOT her boyfriend because he has begun to act strangely. There's a fair amount of tension and a little gore to add to the mix, but the ending leaves you very flat. I wanted to like this movie, but I just couldn't. I needed answers as to the why and how of it and they were not given. I would stay away from this one. It is part of this years 8 Movies To Die For and I hope the others are better. This was the first one I've watched... and I feel "Broken".

From the very first moment Gina (Lena Headey) spots a woman who looks exactly like her driving down a busy London street, reality ceases to exist as she knows it. Tailing her doppelganger, Gina finds herself immersed in a surreal landscape of mind-bending nightmares and inexplicable events. Written and directed by Sean Ellis, this disturbing tale also stars Richard Jenkins and Asier Newman.

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