Thursday, April 9, 2009

House (2008)

We watched this movie last night. I had seen the trailer and thought the movie looked very intense. It's based on a "Christan" novel by Ted Dekker. Why it is considered a "Christan" novel? I don't know, except for the "good verses evil" theme and a brief mention of "light conquering darkness", other than that, who knows. I would imagine the book is much more involved and therefore the "Christan" theme is more obvious. Anyway... The "House" is supposed attract the "guilty", for them to confront their guilt. As the synopsis below states, a troubled married couple gets in a car accident and walks to an old looking inn. There's another couple there who also had car problems. After several minutes, the proprietors of the inn show up and they are creepy. The movie moves very quickly and smoothly. Every character gets an ample amount of screen time to develop their character and give us insight on their "guilt". Michael Madsen is in this movie and plays a major character, but does not have a lot of screen time compared to the others. The "evil" wants to two couples to suffer for their sins and is trying to get them to kill each other as they roam through the house trying to escape. Some of the CGI elements in the film are a little campy, but overall effective. The tension and darkness of the movie kept me in to it throughout, but I thoroughly enjoyed the ending. Not really the most original movie... many elements I have seen before... even the ending. However, it was very entertaining and a well made movie. Check out the trailer below. Also, if you click on the title, it will send you to the movies website. Check it out!

Trying to recover from the nearly marriage-breaking stress following the death of their child, Jack (Reynaldo Rosales) and Stephanie (Heidi Dippold) spontaneously take off on a road trip. But when their car breaks down in a remote area, they find themselves in a horrific nightmare. Seeking shelter in a house, they soon realize that more danger lurks inside than outside in this spine-chiller based on Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti's best-seller.

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