Monday, April 20, 2009

Dying Breed...

We are in the middle of an 8 Movies To Die For mini marathon. This is the fourth movie we've watched and it was pretty creepy, twisted, gory, and sick... so yes, we liked it! Perkin's 14 and Dying Breed are to good movies, and considering the entire series over the past three years has not been all that great... these two were pleasant surprises. It is so much like Wrong Turn and the other cannibalistic hillbilly movies that have been around for a while. I wouldn't say it is as good as Wrong Turn, but it was entertaining. Typical theme and storyline... nothing great or original here. The problem with this series is that we have come to expect the majority of these movies to be crap, that when a few are actually "pretty" good, we are pleased... low expectations, is a sad reality with this series. There is a fair amount of tension and a large amount of gore. The beginning sets up the true reason for this secret "society" that lives in the jungle of Australia. For so many years this society lived off tourist that wandering in the jungle. Will the light finally come to this deep woods cannibalistic "tribe"? You will have to see the movie. Check out the trailer below and see if it interests you! I think it will.

Eight years ago, Nina's (Mirrah Foulkes) sister disappeared in the Australian backcountry while searching for the mythical Tasmanian tiger. With only one clue -- a photograph of a mysterious paw print -- in hand, Nina sets out to continue her sister's work. But something else awaits Nina and her team: cannibalistic descendents of a 19th-century psycho known as "the Pieman." Leigh Whannell (Saw) and Nathan Phillips co-star in this savage thriller.
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