Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Uninvited...

This is a very well made, creepy thriller. All the while I'm watching it, I'm trying to figure out who is the "guilty" party in this movie. Every conversation, action, and scene in the movie seems to have a couple of different meanings so that you are really struggling to figure out who is the "bad guy" in the movie. The acting was good and the story itself was very interesting and kept you guessing throughout. Having said that, I never saw the ending coming. I was completely surprised by it. This movie kept you enthralled all the way through. You sit there completely pulling for the Anna character to get to the truth and solve this serious problem that she is facing... mainly an "evil" step mom to be. The movie moves quickly and is very entertaining. I highly recommend watching this movie if you like twisted, creepy thrillers.

It is a remake of a Korean film titled A Tale Of Two Sisters. I don't like subtitles at all and have no interesting in seeing this film, but the American version is awesome. Emily Browning plays Anna who has been hospitalized since her mothers tragic death. As the synopsis below states, she is released from the hospital and goes home to find that her dad and her mother's former nurse are getting married. She is not at all happy about that. Anna has visions and dreams that seem to point to the fact that her mothers death was no accident. Ghosts, and dark, creepy settings make this movie very tense. I love tension in a movie... it seems to suck me into it so much more that just gore alone. Check out the trailer below and give this movie a shot!

Committed to a mental hospital after her mother's tragic death, teenager Anna (Emily Browning) discovers upon her release that her father (David Strathairn) plans to marry his deceased wife's former nurse, Rachael (Elizabeth Banks), a woman who may not have the best intentions. Foreboding warnings from her mother's ghost only cement Anna's suspicions in this remake of the 2003 Korean chiller Janghwa, Hongryeon.

Emily Browning as Anna Rydell
Arielle Kebbel as Alex Rydell
Elizabeth Banks as Rachel Summers (Stepmother)
David Strathairn as Steven Rydell (Father)
Maya Massar as Lilian Rydell (Mother)
Kevin McNulty as Sheriff Emery
Jesse Moss as Matt
Lex Burnham as Iris Wright
Danny Bristol as Samuel Wright
Mathhew Bristol as David Wright
Don S. Davis as Mr. Henson
Heather Doerksen as Mildred
Dean Paul Gibson as Dr. bopp

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