Monday, March 3, 2008

30 Days of Night...

I watched this movie the other night. The hype of a great vampire movie from the trailer and commericals made the anticipation of actually seeing it so much more intense for me. The concept of the movie is to survive a month of darkness with blood-sucking vampires killing and terrorizing the small town of Barren, Alaska. The special effects and the makeup for the vampires was awesome! The vampires truly were creepy and quite demonic. There was a good amount of tension in this film, but at times it seemd to drag... not to the extent that it harmed the movie, but it seemed like the director wanted to slow it down to make the intense moments that much more intense. Josh Hartnett is a good actor. He was great in the movies "Lucky Number Slevin " and "Black Hawk Down" and does a fine job in 30 days. My passion for good vampire movies goes beyond the norm... I love the genre and believe it is the most alluring genre in film. I'm a traditionalist when it comes to vampires. I want them to fear sunlight, the crucifix, and water. Basically like Dracula. I don't mind variations in movies like "Underworld", "Blade" (I love all three Blade movies) and others, but it isn't a true representation of the genre. There's no reason to do this in a movie except the writer and director aren't confident in the genre. There aren't many truly great vampire movies out there... some are campy and others make vampires sexual. It is the illusion of sexuality that gives the vampire his romantic appeal. However, it is just an illusion. "30 days of Night" is a REALLY good vampire movie... just not great.


Anonymous said...

It's your review on Netflix that made me decide to see this one. You know me, I'm not really scared of anything when it comes to horror movies. (Except for The exorcist, possesion scares the $*@$ outta me! Probably cause it can actually happen!) But I digress, there is just something about 30 days that made me tremble. Perhaps its when he says "no God", that scares the CRAP outta me! However, I did add it to my q, thanks to your review. And I have to admit, lately I'm with you on the vampire thing. They are interesting. I've found myself reading a lot of books about vampires. Who knew? You're a bad influence on me!