Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Review...

Just a quick update on my book... I finished reading "The Scene Book" that Professor D. suggested and will now begin the process of putting what I have learned to work. I'm making a deadline for myself of June 1st to have the book finished and back to Professor D. Hopefully, the ball will get seriously rolling then! I'm sitting in my Lazy-Boy chair at 10:17am this morning thinking that I need to hit the shower and get ready for work. I close tonight and need to be at work by 11:15am. Retail sucks!;) I'm also listening to one of my favorite CD's, Godsmack's greatest hits. Awesome CD. I saw them about 8 years ago at UNH and they put on an excellent show. I really wasn't a big fan of theirs at that time. A friend of mine liked them and asked if I wanted to go. Staind was an opening act and I love Staind, so I was in! I think it was Systamatic (SP?), Cold, Staind, and Godsmack. I have since becom a big fan of Cold since hearing the CD "A Different Kind of Pain". Great CD! Thank god for BMG Music Group... I've been a member since 2000 and have several hundred CD's. LOVE music!!! All kinds really, not just heavy stuff... big into country as well, Tim McGraw, Hank Jr., Big & Rich to name a few. Any way, need to get ready for work. Check out the review of Whisper in the middle of my blog. Really good movie!