Monday, March 17, 2008

Video Bar...

A friend of mine, Elise, has a blog on Netflix (as do I) and she has a GREAT video of one of the best scenes in Hellraiser. It's the scene where twin cops (I know, twins???) are holding guns on Pinhead and telling him they are going to show him some pain if Pinhead doesn't surrender. Pinhead is offended they even use the word pain and begins a great speech on the true meaning of pain. Check it out on her blog... . Also, check out my video bar of several Hellraiser video's in the middle of my blog. I also put a new review of a really good horror movie called Beneath. The movie is well made and has a lot of good acting as well as a good storyline. Twist and turns keep the pace moving well and the tension is present throughout. Well worth a watch in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hookup Frank! I must get as many friends in my community as I can!!!! I already added two plus a fan since I made my page! Christina would like a shout out as well.