Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dark Shadows... Joshua Collins makes a fateful discovery...

Last night they came and stripped the floors at the store I work in. I got to work at 7pm and left at 5:20am... long night for sure. However, I had a Dark Shadows DVD to watch. 3 1/2 hours of my favorite show of all time. It was Collection 6 Disc 1. Since I started with Collection 1 Disc 1 over a year ago, I've watched over 73 hours of the show. The writing of Dark Shadows is remarkable. The twists and turns in the story lines are woven in expertly like a basket maker weaving a beautiful wicker basket. This collection is set in 1679 or there abouts and tells the story of how Barnabas Collins becomes a vampire. The clip below is in this collection and tells of how Joshua Collins (Barnabas' dad) finds out that Barnabas is now a creature of the night. Long clip, over 9 minutes, but well worth a watch. I love this show. The imagination in the story lines is awesome. The acting at times over the top, but nevertheless great. I can't think of any movie or TV show that has captured my imagination the way Dark Shadows has. So, enjoy the clip and if you remember this show and liked it back in the late 60's, then I recommend you start with Collection 1 Disc 1 and start an exciting journey from your past. It will be a vey entertaining ride for sure!