Saturday, April 18, 2009

Perkins' 14 (2009)

This movie actually had a good storyline. Tension and gore made for an entertaining movie. It was a little slow at times, but that seemed to add to the tension and suspense. Another of the 8 Movies To Die For and this one did not disappoint. It was visually dark and creepy. The acting was very good for the most part for relatively unknown actors. We have seen 3 of this series so far and this one was actually worth watching. There's a lot of tragedy in this story because of the kidnapping of young children. The main character has had his young son kidnapped 10 years earlier and this has effected his marriage and his job. As a police officer, he tried to find his son with no luck. The 14 children who were kidnapped were presumed dead. However, there was a more sinister plot to the kidnappings. Check out the trailer below and give this one a shot.

Unbalanced by the brutal murder of his parents, Robert Perkins (Richard Brake) kidnaps 14 people from a nearby town and brainwashes them into serving as his band of psychotic bodyguards -- who'll stop at nothing to protect their master. When Perkins's antics land him behind bars, the "Perkins 14" snap and unleash a horrifying reign of terror on the people of Stone Cove.

Patrick O'Kane as Dwayne Hopper
Shayla Beesley as Daisy Hopper
Mihaela Mihut as Janine Hopper
Michale Graves as Eric Ross
Gregory O'Connor as Grodsky
Katherine Pawlak as Felicity
Richard Brake as Robert Perkins
Craig Robert Young as Mitch James
Trey Farley as Scott
CJ Singer as Kyle Hopper
Sean Farragher as Pete
Josh Davidson as The Stranger

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