Thursday, March 13, 2008

Greenville, SC...

I was checking out my Statcounter today and was quite pleased with the hits to my blog so far. I was somewhat interested in all the hits from Greenville, SC. To those of you who don't know, I lived just outside of Greenville in the big city of Travelers Rest, SC for almost 20 years before moving to Plymouth, NH in 1999. My kids, parents, grandmother, and my sister's family all live in the area. My son Cory has a great blog you really ought to check out... It's awesome and he has some really great drawings, videos, other links of interest on it. OK, I digressed. When I saw all the hits from Greenville, it gave me much happiness to see that more than likely my family was visiting my site. There are reasons that I will not go into as to why it brought me joy... maybe another post... someday. However, I truly wish they would leave a comment and let me know it was them who visited. I realize a lot of people visit a site and check it out and don't leave a comment, but comments are the only way I know what you think of my site and may help me to improve it. So please, anyone who visits, just leave a comment... just say you liked it or didn't like it (maybe why to help me improve it) or even just "Hi." I'm trying everyday to make it a site you will want to come back to, so please visit as often as your schedule allows! By the way, I posted another of my Netflix reviews in the middle of my blog. Thanks for the visit!


Anonymous said...

Anyone who follows the link to Cory's site will agree with you. His art is AMAZING! I hope your family knows how much you truly care about them and would appreciate their comments about your site. Keep up the good work with your blogs and reviews. They always keep me entertained! :)