Saturday, March 29, 2008


Well it didn't snow as much as it was supposed too yesterday, but we still have a winter total of a little over 115 inches of the white stuff. It has snowed more this winter than it has in 134 years. You have to go back to 1874 when it snowed 120 inches to have a snowier (SP?) winter. Enough is enough I say! Anyway, I put a new review of a segment from the Masters of Horror series from Showtime in my review section. I've seen a lot of the Masters of Horror films and to be quite honest, most of them have been just average. This movie, Wicked Little Things, was very entertaining with an interesting storyline that tied everything in very well. I think most would find it a good movie and you really don't have to be a "Zombie" movie fan to like this one. The Masters of Horror series takes "top" horror directors who have done movies we all know like John Carpenter for instance, and lets them do an hour horror movie for Showtime Movie Channel. Like I said before, most of the have only been average and several have been downright bad. However, this one was a pretty good movie.