Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Horror of it all... Blackflies

We were working in our yard today when it happened... Blackflies!!! Those suckers were everywhere. They love swarming around your face, getting in your ears, eyes, mouth, and nose. We plastered OFF all over us and that seemed to keep them at bay for a while. The female bites because it needs the blood to lay its eggs. One thing I found interesting is that Blackflies only breed in clear, clean running water. Since New Hampshire has some of the cleanest streams and rivers in the US, we have thousands of Blackflies every spring and early summer. I tried to put a picture of this monster on this post, but I'm not sure it worked. Below is some information on what is "lovingly" called the state bird of New Hampshire.

Black Flies

Status: Common
Identification: Blsck grey, some are yellow, broad, clear wings with heavy veins, large round
eyes, with a humpbacked appearance. Large rear ends, adults look similar to small bees.
Habitat: Some species in forests, others in open areas, streams, creeks.
Food: Algae and plant particles in larval stage; blood, nectar and honeydew when adults.
Predators: Swallows, dragonflies,
Interesting/Important Facts:
-Only females are bloodsuckers.
-Livestock, pets, poultry and wildlife are severley irritated by blackfly bites.
-Some people call them "buffalo gnats" or "turkey gnats."


Anonymous said...

How'd you like the blackflies at work today! I hate them too.

frgodbeyjr said...

Hate 'em!!!