Saturday, May 17, 2008

Timber Falls...

Letting everyone know that I have a new review on my blog (near the bottom of this page). We watched a new release the other day called Timber Falls. Basically if you've seen the movies Wrong Turn and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, then you've seen this movie only not as good as the other two. Not bad, but not great either. It crakes me up that Timbers Falls is set in the mountains of West Virginia. I grew up in West Virginia and in over 18 years of my life there, I never heard about any of the crazy people they have in this movie and also in Wrong Turn (also set in WV). People love to think all mountaineers are backwoods religious zealots killing in the name of god I guess. Any way, check out the review and if you want a really good WV crazy people movie, Wrong Turn is your best bet.