Thursday, January 8, 2009

Autopsy (Horrorfest 09)...

This is one of the best trailers I've seen! This movie looks intense. I know you can't judge a movie solely based on the trailer (really bad idea!), but this one has so much promise. Another After Dark Horrorfest movie hitting theaters tomorrow. I was thinking that the movie reminds me a lot of another movie called Room 6 which was a fairly decent movie. Same type of plot, but time will tell if Autopsy can pull it off and be a really good movie. I really want to see this one! Robert Patrick (pictured below) is in this movie and plays the doctor. He is of Terminator 2 fame. Good actor, so that only fuels the flames of my anticipation! Check out the trailer below and look for it in theaters or wait for the DVD release in a few months... either way, this looks like a movie you will want to see!

The film is about a group of friends that go to a punk concert. One of them is hit over the head with a bottle. Before his girlfriend can call for help, a 1950's ambulance arrives. They are taken to a strange hospital where the injured friend is. The plot centers on their search for their friend in the old hospital where inhumane experiments are being done on the living patients. The tag line, "Autopsy; Not just for the dead anymore" pretty much sums it up.

Robert Patrick
Jenette Goldstein
Michael Bowen
Robert LaSardo
Ross McCall
Jessica Lowndes
Ashley Schneider
Joe Reegan
Ross Kohn
Eric F. Adams

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