Monday, September 15, 2008

Blog updates and misc, stuff...

I'm still amazed at all the hits I'm getting from England for the Eden Lake posts. The movie looks great and since it has been released there is a lot of traffic on the web for it. Thanks for all the hits from across the pond, much appreciated! As you can see I've changed my blog around quite a bit. I was getting bored with the same ol' look and wanted something different. I have several new things I added to the blog today: first, at the top right hand side you will see a slideshow of many of my favorite things that you can purchase from mainly to do with Pinhead/Hellraiser, Dark Shadows, and a few of my favorite CD's. Check it out if you like. Second, The poster to the right of Eden Lake. If you click on the poster, it will send you to and you can view the trailer, read updates and reviews for the movie. Third, The poster for the movie Saw V does the same thing if you click on the poster. is one of my favorite sites and has SO much information on everything dealing with the horror genre. It is worth putting this site in your favorites and visiting everyday.

I'm off today after a long weekend working at the North Conway Rite-Aid. North Conway is an hour and twenty minutes from my home and I was asked to help out in that store two times a week for a while... hopefully, a short while. The manager there had to go to the Colebrook Rite-Aid because the manager and assistant there were let go and the store needs help. North Conway is not a bad store, but driving almost three hours a day for work when I'm used to only driving fifteen minutes is not much fun, So I'm hopeful that this will be short-term. At least it's only two days a week.

Thanks for the visit and I hope you enjoy the new updates to my blog!

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