Saturday, September 6, 2008

Clive Barker/Pinhead...

Reading that article today on Clive Barker had me thinking about my all time favorite horror character, Pinhead. I went web searching for all the Clive Barker and Hellraiser stuff I could find. I really don't know what began my fascination with Pinhead, but I remember seeing the second Hellraiser first and thinking "Wow, what a scary horror character Pinhead is." I then went out and rented the first Hellraiser. I love the imagination it took to come up with such an evil character as Pinhead. Pain and suffering is what Pinhead lives for. Total evil and I think that is what makes for a good horror character... lack of any goodness, just plain scary and evil. It is escapism and by that I mean, none of us really expect to come in contact with a Pinhead, Freddy, Michael Myers, or a Jason. I love horror movies that scare me because it is an adrenaline rush to be in fear. I want it to be a good story line and well acted. I don't enjoy campy horror, because for the most part they are "funny" without trying to be funny. I guess that applies to all movies... I have some info on Clive Barker and the movie Hellraiser below that I found on the web. It discusses the film and what it is about. At the end of my post I have a clip of Pinhead that really shows his evil side... great clip from You Tube. Enjoy!

In 1986, critically acclaimed and celebrated author Clive Barker directed his first feature film which has since become a modern horror classic. Clive Barker's Hellraiser introduced some of the most frightening and sophisticated images of horror to ever grace the silver screen. No film has ever gripped the imagination so shockingly nor presented such nightmarish characters, deeds, monsters, and ideas which go so far beyond the realm of horror filmaking and fiction.

From beyond the Outer Darkness. From the nightmarish realm of imagination. From the mind of the horror-master extraordinaire, Clive Barker, comes Hellraiser -- there are no limits.



Frank (Sean Chapman), a sexual adventurer in search of new carnal pleasures, purchases a mysterious Chinese puzzle box while visiting an unnamed Third World country. Back home in England, he opens the box only to discover that he has unlocked the door to hell. Frank is pulled into another dimension, whose inhabitants, known as Cenobites, push him over the fine line between pleasure and pain by ripping him apart with tiny fish hooks. Years later, Frank's brother, Larry (Andrew Robinson), moves his family into the house--to which, through some blood spilled on the attic floor, Frank returns in near-skeletal form. With the help of sister-in-law Julia (Clare Higgins)--with whom he once had an affair--Frank begins sucking the life out of bodies in order to regenerate to his old form. Meanwhile, Larry's daughter from a previous marriage, Kirsty (Ashley Laurence), begins to suspect her hated stepmother of having an affair, and to her horror becomes involved with Frank, the puzzle box and the Cenobites.