Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Eden Lake Update...

I've noticed a lot of interest in my past post of the movie Eden Lake which comes to theaters September 12th. There have been many searches from the UK for this movie and they have visited the post. The Net is an interesting animal. To think that someone half a world away is reading what you wrote is mind-blowing. However, Eden Lake looks like a very good movie and from watching the trailer, I can understand the interest in it. I have put a copy of the URL at the end of this post so you can visit the official site for the movie. I also put an extended trailer for the movie that is a little more violent that the 1:47 minute original trailer. This trailer is very intense and really makes a person want to see this movie. The idea is not all that original, reminds me of the many "in the woods" type of horror films like Wrong Turn and the like. However, it does look to have some talented actors in it and presents itself as a very "scary" thriller. So for all the people from the UK who are visiting my blog, thank you! Comment and visit as often as you can. Check out the trailer and visit the official site for Eden Lake!

Please visit and comment often!