Monday, September 8, 2008

Saw V...

Saw V is coming to theaters October 24 (my Mom's 70th birthday!) and I imagine she won't be going to see this one... not a horror fan:). Nevertheless, I look forward to seeing it as I have seen the other four. The first one was great and the other three have tied many of the loose ends from their predecessors. The Saw movies have been very entertaining to me because they bring to the screen, horror that is full of tension, fear, and gore. The story lines have all been interesting and follow the evil "games" of an ailing serial killer, Jigsaw. In the last movie it looks as thought Jigsaw is dead and that may or may not be fact. You just never know with horror movies. Halloween is a very special time of year for me and Tina. Over the past several years, the Saw movies were released and we decorate her salon for trick or treaters. Her salon is on Main Street in Plymouth, NH and we have kids, teens, and parents lined up to come inside. I remember as a kid how scared I was to go into a haunted house during Halloween. We move all the furniture out of the main room and bring in about 5 bags of leaves to spread on the floor. A casket, "dead" people on the floor, and a couple years we had a live hanging witch on a pulley system hanging from the ceiling. The kids have to walk through strobe lights and scary music to the back of the room to where I'm sitting with the goodies. I have a black cape and a great mask I always wear. I NEVER talk, but turn my head slowly in order to make the effect much more scary. We won last year as the best set up out of all the downtown merchants. It was awesome! However, we may not do it this year because Tina's salon is on the market... not really sure at this time. I love Halloween... and I love the Saw movies. Check out the trailer at the end of this post!

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Anonymous said...

OK Babe, if you REALLY want to do the salon up this year we can but YOU will be doing all the work as I am just not up for it right now! Maybe the cute little blonde girl at your work and some of the "boys" would want to get in on it with you... I am sure they can get creative! Make sure you plan ahead though, you know how much work it is... Love ya

frgodbeyjr said...

Thanks for the comment Babe! I'll check with Elise and the boys and see what they have to say about it! Love you too!