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Saw V...

Saw V comes out on DVD Tuesday... we saw this in the theater last October when it was first released. The Saw movies have really been one of my favorite series of movies to come out in some time. It is obvious that I'm a Hellraiser fan with all the Pinhead images on my blog. I have seen all 8 Hellraiser movies, only because of my love for the Pinhead character. I think he epitomizes what a horror character should be... OK, I digressed. Jigsaw is the serial killer in the Saw movies. However, unlike Pinhead, Jigsaw does his killing as if he is a weapon of God's judgement. It has always been a very fascinating series because there are usually many twist throughout each movie and many of them trying up loose ends in an earlier Saw movie. Saw V is no exception. There are many things that tie up some loose ends from many of the earlier Saw movies and many of the deaths from the first couple of Saws. Saw IV was probably the weakest one IMO, but it was still an entertaining movie for me. I think it tried to put too much information in it that seemed to confuse more than clarify. Check out the trailer below and look for this DVD where you rent DVDs... good movie!

My NetFlix Review...We don't go to the theater to see a movie very often, but my wife and I love the Saw series. I was disappointed in Saw IV, but this one was better in my mind. Not as good as Saw and Saw II, but it did answer a lot of questions from the other four. Basically takes parts from all the Saw movies and shows why and how several of these people came to the "game." The in-screen flashbacks at times can be confusing and there are many of them. There were about four "torture" scenes and all were interesting, but not great. I did appreciate the flashbacks because it brought Tobin Bell to the screen often, even though he died in Saw III. The acting was acceptable and the story was pretty good. It left the door wide open for Saw VI. All in all, it was worth a watch. 4 stars. 10/25/08
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Description of Saw V...
When Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) learns that his secret connection to Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) will be exposed, the forensics detective embarks on a hunt to eradicate everything that links him to the serial killer in the fifth installment of the grisly horror series. Jigsaw's legacy of torturous traps lives on and director David Hackl remains at the helm in this gruesome continuation of the franchise. Julie Benz and Scott Patterson co-star.

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