Monday, January 12, 2009

Dead Of Winter...

We watched this movie just before Christmas. It was good, but not great. I was unable to find a trailer for it anywhere! Any way, a description of the movie is below as well as my NetFlix review of the movie.

A few thoughts... we are having Arctic cold the next several days. Below zero for a couple of nights and single digits during the day. I HATE winter. Molli (step-daughter) took some pictures of the front of our home yesterday so I could post them on my blog. We have a lot of snow already, with more coming this week. Great for skiers and snowmobilers, but not for us "winter haters!"Too much snow for my taste already, and winter has just begun for us in New Hampshire. Yes, it is close to the dead of winter for us, but you can check out this movie on DVD for some interesting creepiness and some cold, cold fear.

After somebody slips them some LSD at a New Year's Eve party, Kevin (Al Santos) and Tiffany (Sandra McCoy) get into a car accident on their way home and end up stranded in the middle of the dark woods -- and their acid-fueled hallucinations aren't helping matters. Things get worse when their imagined stalkers might be real. Brian McNamara directs this chilling horror story that also stars Carl Nasland.

My NetFlix Review...
I liked all the tension and creepiness to this movie. A young couple leave a New Years Eve Party after a "friend" slips LSD in their drinks. That's when the true horror begins. Is it hallucinations, or are their fears real??? Acceptable acting and interesting story make for an entertaining movie. All the way through the movie the tension between the couple builds because of the cold and the drugs. Neither knows why they are confused and so paranoid. Lost in the woods and trying to find shelter, the young couple try to stay alive. Several twist make this a good movie, not great, but worth a watch in my book. 3 stars. 12/20/08
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Anonymous said...

I hate winter too! This year has been snow, snow and more snow! Now we get the bitter cold to look forward to. There really is a lot to do in the winter to have fun. However, when you work in retail like we do it's hard to be able to get together with other people who enjoy the same things as you do. I haven't been snowboarding once this year. So the only part of winter I get to partake in is the freezing cold and the scary drives to work when we get yet another storm! P.s., I 1 up'd your reviews on Netflix.

frgodbeyjr said...

Thanks for the comment Elise! It is bitter cold out there today... sucks!

Johnny said...

Been wanting to check this one out for a while. If there's one thing I love, it's movies with a snowy setting! Just became a follower to your blog =)

frgodbeyjr said...

Thanks Johnny! I appreciate that very much! Dead of Winter is not bad at all. Pretty creepy with the "altered" mind games the two play with each other.