Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Music... Drowning Pool...

I guess yesterday started me on a little music kick. One of my favorite songs is Bodies, by Drowning Pool. This song has been used in movies and TV shows such as Jet Li's The One, Vin Diesel's XXX, Many WWE watches, and for the movie remake of Rambo. There's a video of the song at the end of this post. The song has such a hard driving repetitive sound that it grabs me by the shirt and shakes me vigorously... I love it! However, the original lead singer for the band was found dead on his tour bus in August of 2002 apparently of a form of heart disease. Unfortunately, the lifestyle many of these people lead tends to destroy their bodies and many die too young. However, As in TV and film, their music lives on. Sit back and let the music blow your speakers apart... enjoy the video!

PS: I don't condone their lifestyle, nor do I judge them for their "sins". I love the music, not necessarily the people behind it.

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