Thursday, November 13, 2008

Estate of Panic...

I was really looking forward to this show after seeing previews and all the info on several websites I visit. Tina and I watched it last night on the SciFi Channel and the show did NOT disappoint. It is one of the few reality shows that I really enjoy. I put some information as to what the show is all about in the middle of this post. There were many times while watching the show last night that I could feel the tension these contestants were feeling. A few of the "traps" they had to fight through were searching for money in a room that was filling with water and snakes! Another one was a room where the ceiling and walls were closing in on the contestants while each is trying to find as much money as possible. The final contestant won over $28,000. It is a really a great show and I highly recommend it! The host of the show is an actor named Steve Valentine (which is too funny to me because that is my cousin's name!) He does a pretty good job as the creepy host to his guest. The show works because it has fast movement to it, it preys on the fears of it contestants, and there is a lot of tension to each part of the "game". The video clip below is a series of several commercials for the show. You should really check this show out! It is on the SciFi Channel Wednesdays at 10pm!

The host: Steve Valentine

There's no place like this home. Estate of Panic turns nightmares into reality and pushes phobias to the limit.

Each week, a new group of contestants enter the estate searching for money hidden inside of booby-trapped rooms. The walls in one cave in, creating a hopelessly small space. Can the contestants survive it? Then thousands of creepy, crawling bugs line the walls and floor of another room, and flooding water rises by the second in another.

Throughout it all, contestants must remain calm because if they panic, they won't get paid.

The game begins with seven contestants who compete in three nerve-wracking challenges. After each challenge two are eliminated and their winnings are added back into the prize pot. The last person standing faces a final challenge in the Vault Room.

In Estate of Panic it's winner-take-all — if players can overcome their fears.

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