Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Lodger...

This film will be coming out in late December this year. It is a remake of a 1927 Alfred Hitchcock movie of the same name. It was one of Hitchcock's first movies and is considered to be just an average film. The trailer below is for the remake. The synopsis below gives all the details and cast. It is basically a "Jack The Ripper" type of movie where the killer uses methods that were used by The Ripper in London in the late 1800's. The trailer looks pretty good. I find these type of movies to be more thrillers than horror, but the graphic violence tends to put it in the horror genre. This movie has potential and hopefully it will pull it off and be a very good horror/thriller. Johnny Depp played in a Ripper type movie called From Hell (2001) and is a pretty good movie. The Ripper is an interesting character because he was never caught... that's what makes him unique in criminal history. So check out the trailer for The Lodger and look for it in December.


Alfred Molina, Hope Davis, and Simon Baker star in a terrifying adaptation of the book on which Alfred Hitchcock's silent classic is also based. THE LODGER follows a grizzled detective on the trail of a ruthless killer intent on slaughtering prostitutes along West Hollywood's Sunset Strip.

It appears that the murderer's grisly methods are identical to that of London's infamous 19th century psychopath Jack the Ripper - a relentless¬ serial killer who was never caught by police. To make matters worse, the detective soon notices the parallels between the crimes committed by the West Hollywood stalker and those of a serial murderer incarcerated years ago.

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