Tuesday, November 25, 2008

2:13 The Movie...

Tina and I love serial killer movies. I know, sick... but there's a lot of tension and terror in them and that seems to satisfy the horror fix we need. I saw information on this movie a few days ago, but the only trailer I found was on If you click on the title of this post it will bring you to the trailer. Also, you can copy the link of the movies website and get much more info on the cast, trailer, blog, and pictures. The description of the movie is below as well. The movie looks really intense and is now in post production. It will be hitting theaters sometime in 2009. When I have more on this movie, I will let you know. Check out the links and view the trailer. Should be a good indie serial killer movie. BTW, Kevin Pollack is in this movie and he's a really great supporting actor. I look forward to seeing this one!

A police profiler (Mark Thompson) has just returned from psychiatric leave only to find that he is caught up in a serial killer's rampage. Fighting to keep buried the trauma of his childhood, he must confront the all too-familiar flesh masks that the killer leaves on the faces of his victims. He must face his own demons along with the killer to save his small eroding existence.

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