Friday, November 7, 2008

30 Days of Night Sequel...

I saw on several sites today that it is confirmed that there will be a sequel to a great movie 30 Days of Night. I'm so pleased to hear this! I thought the original was so fresh and entertaining. It really is one of my favorite vampire movies! The clip below is from my favorite scene. It is chilling and creepy! Check out the video below. The sequel "sounds" like it will be good as well... time will tell. From what I have read, (I See this is what the sequel is about:

Mandate International is selling the sequel to 30 Days of Night at the American Film Market.

The Ghost House Pictures project will be written by the first film's co-writer and graphic novel creator Steve Niles, as well as Ghost House's Ben Ketai.

In the follow-up, Stella Oleson (played by Melissa George in the first pic) seeks revenge on the blood-thirsty vampires that destroyed her sleepy Alaskan town.

The original was directed by David Slade and co-starred Josh Hartnett and Danny Huston.

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