Friday, November 7, 2008

The Coffin...

I saw this movie trailer and thought it really looked good. It's a Thai film, but it is 80% English dialog, with 20% in Thai. Don't know if there are any subtitles in this film or not. The trailer looks so creepy! The Thai's believe if you lay in a coffin for several days, it will keep evil spirits away and give the individual good luck. This happens for the people in this film for a short time and then they become "haunted" by a "dead" woman. I'm not doing the trailer justice, so you really should check out the trailer! This film opened up #1 in Thailand. I look forward to it coming to DVD!

Inspired by a real life custom from Thailand, where people would sleep in a coffin for a specific number of days hoping it would ward away evil and bad luck. A young man and woman decide to perform the ritual. After that, positive things begin to happen but later terror sets in. With the help of a professor specialising in paranormal cases, they set out to exorcise the ghosts that haunt them, attempting to reverse the wheel of karma.

The mood continues...
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